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Full Container Load (FCL)    &     Less than Container Load (LCL) Services

Full Container Load (FCL)    &     Less than Container Load (LCL) Services

  • 20ft/ 40ft
  • 40ft High Cube (9ft 6ins external height)
  • 20ft/ 40ft Double End (standard cargo doors at both ends)
  • 20ft/ 40ft Open Top (no steel roof - covered by detachable PVC roofing)
  • 20ft with Side Access (cargo doors opening and folding along one full side)
Full Container Load (FCL), is the standard form of shipping freight for those who have a large amount of goods to send. The FCL definition seems to imply that you have to fill the container totally, but in fact, this is not the case – you are renting its exclusive use but if you cannot use every square metre it may still be the cheapest method.  You have to calculate, versus the option of LCL Shipping (Less than Container Load), whether FCL transport is the more cost-efficient. As a rough rule of thumb, if you have 12 pallets or more, FCL freight is likely to be the better solution.
Other advantages are that you have less risk from other peoples’ cargo, and there is no bumping from the LCL consolidation/deconsolidation process. If you have fragile goods this can be a deciding factor in favour of FCL Shipping.
Ocean Freight Container Shipping Service

Containerization is a system of intermodal freight / cargo transport using standard ISO containers (known as shipping containers), ITUs (Intermodal Transport Units or isotainers) that can be loaded and sealed intact onto container ships, railroad cars, planes, and trucks.

FCL (Full Container Load) - We provide frequent departures at competitive rates for full container load (FCL) shipments from major US ports.

LCL (Less-Than-Container Load) - When you don't have enough cargo for a full container, we offer less-than-container load (LCL) service worldwide.

RO-RO (Roll-On Roll-Off) - if you have rolling stock that's fully operational, non-damaged and too large or heavy for container loading, RO-RO service can provide the more economical and faster shipping options.

Through a combination of long-standing relationships with the ocean carriers and strong contract rates, Seakargo is able to offer our customers some of the best international ocean freight shipping rates and space allocations available in the marketplace.

Containerization of cargoes is widespread worldwide and most all consumer products are now transported by container. Therefore, selection of a suitable container type is fundamental. 
We provide LCL and FCL services. 

We can arrange for nearly any sized shipment. Our capabilities range from full container loads to smaller loads that do not fill a container. We can also accommodate for special equipment, and oversized cargo. Our innovative tracking provides visibility of your goods throughout critical milestones in the journey. 

 Ocean Freight From any US origin city, to any worldwide destination, we can provide streamlined freight forwarding to book your cargo, arrange for pickup and delivery, load and brace your cargo into ocean containers, and manage the shipping documentation. With years of experience, we facilitate the entire forwarding process according to your specifications as well as the requirements of the import and export countries.

We are specializing in auto logistics and machinery transportation, we can maximize your routing and transit time options by managing your ocean shipments door-to-door, with ease, visibility and global reach. Choose from our flexible ocean freight services based on your timing, cargo size and equipment needs.

Seakargo USA  is proud to offer: Ocean freight solutions, including the following advantages:

  • Container Consolidation Services
  • Warehousing
  • Loading / Blocking / Bracing
  • Optional  Self Live Loading
  • Container Drop off and Pick up Services
  • A high standard of service worldwide
  • Reliable service and competitive rates
  • A firm specified transit time covering the entire transport chain or positions
  • An unusually high performance/price ratio
  • An extraordinary high degree of flexibility

Dependable transit schedules and sailings from major US ports
Safe and secure container loading in the US ports of Savannah, New York and Los Angeles.Access to space allocations with major carriers
Network of regional offices for trans-shipment and customs processing (New York, Savannah, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Montreal/ Canada).
SED (Shipper Export Declaration), BL (Bill of Lading), US Customs title processing and other export documentation services.

Door-to-door service: offering including product sourcing in US, local transportation, documentation, export clearance and ocean freight 
Simplify your transportation and freight processes with a single provider who can manage your supply chain
Maximize routing and transit options to global destinations across a selection of preferred carriers
Simplify U.S. Regulatory Compliance
As a licenced Freight Forwarder and NVOCC, we provide timely and accurate transmissions of export documentation directly to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In addition, as a member of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), we participate in a global network of Freight Forwarders, which enables us to access resources overseas that otherwise would not be availabe. Our U.S. export system enhances compliance with government regulations.

container sizes
  20' container 40' container 45' high-cube container
imperial metric imperial metric imperial metric
length 20'0" 6.096 m 40'0" 12.192 m 45'0" 13.716 m
width 8'0" 2.438 m 8'0" 2.438 m 8'0" 2.438 m
height 8'6" 2.591 m 8'6" 2.591 m 9'6" 2.896 m
length 18' 105/16" 5.758 m 39' 5 45/64" 12.032 m 44'4" 13.556 m
width 7' 8 19/32" 2.352 m 7' 8 19/32" 2.352 m 7' 8 19/32" 2.352 m
height 7' 9 57/64" 2.385 m 7' 9 57/64" 2.385 m 7' 9 15/16" 2.698 m
door aperture width 7' 8 1/8" 2.343 m 7' 8 1/8" 2.343 m 7' 8 1/8" 2.343 m
height 7' 5 3/4" 2.280 m 7' 5 3/4" 2.280 m 7' 5 49/64" 2.585 m
volume 1,169 ft3 33.1 m3 2,385 ft3 67.5 m3 3,040 ft3 86.1 m3
gross mass
66,139 lb 30,400 kg 66,139 lb 30,400 kg 66,139 lb 30,400 kg
empty weight 4,850 lb 2,200 kg 8,380 lb 3,800 kg 10,580 lb 4,800 kg
net load 61,289 lb 28,200 kg 57,759 lb 26,600 kg 55,559 lb 25,600 kg